by Nevermind Me

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released May 24, 2017

Recorded by Nervermind Me

Mixed by Tom Davis



all rights reserved


Nevermind Me London, UK

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Track Name: Lights Up
tired eyes though
you can’t see the insides
waiting for the day to change
stay there as eyes blur
as you were daydreaming
colour fades and seasons change
no one really feels the same, the same
lights up and cameras on and
blank stares get nothing done
you forget why you felt this in the first place
roll on, let’s move on
cameras pan, move along, move along
stop asking why it’s all on you
everything just fades away to darkness
Track Name: Nostalgic
tide goes out, the sun sets underground
you’re not around
(your eyes close, your eyes close)
stop dreaming of that place
stop leaving with that open ache
that’s not home anymore
don’t be scared
the world’s still turning
so you let go for this moment but it rushes you
not homesick
(your eyes close)
start screaming of the way this has left you
take me to a safer place, another way to hold on
Track Name: Strobe Lights
waiting awake with your hands open
waiting for this day
for this start over and break
you fade
colour drains and tables turn and candles burn bright
this is the mouth that breathes
this is the mouth that whispers of the storm
watching you with wild eyes
no faith, no faith once more
count the months pass, nothing in them
nothing in them
count the months pass
look back with no recollection
colour drains, candles burn bright
this is the mouth of the storm
watching you with wild eyes
Track Name: Failure
slow down, you don’t know if you pushed it too far
maybe you did, maybe you packed it in
and the hand closed round your neck could be a metaphor
if it didn’t hurt this much
wake up
eyes heavy
and the day is
any other
slow down, you don’t know if you pushed it too far
wake up and you’re still breathing
not sleeping at this end
so you lie there patiently and you can’t breathe
and they still weep
and you can’t forgive and they won’t let go
and they don’t know
where do we go, where do we go
what do we know
you lie there patiently
and you don’t sleep
Track Name: Foxes
you feel the cracks between your ribs begin to widen
collapse on yourself and wait for this to blow over
only this time it won’t
you’re the only soul awake with the birds
this is the kinda thinking you get used to
not in a good way
how it seeps through your veins
running through your skin poisinous and cruel
in an empty forest the last leaves will fall
everything feels lost
like the space between an evergreen
seems like you have to follow an ever changing path
turn around and tell me will this all catch up to me
if I keep fighting will I stay afloat
now we’re all sinking
you and me we’re drowning in this wave of fear
is it just me did I get it wrong
don’t worry I’ve done this all
but this, this is new again
we go in circles till we scream
through your veins, run into your skin
breathe, the long and cold will finally go
Track Name: Dandelion Clocks
stay still don’t lock eyes
don’t move around
cheeks flush, set the scene
you can see the walls close around you
caught in the middle of the road.
lights on, just run
look back on your tracks
you think you’ve been found and you hit the ground
feet moving faster, feet moving faster
cheeks flush, you can’t breathe
but you can see
that they’re all behind you
Track Name: Soft Brick
I try to write an effigy, or maybe it’s a eulogy
because I’m using words or maybe words keep using me
and the way you set your eyes on me like I’m about to snap in two
is more than disconcerting
I’ve made it this far and my lungs didn’t collapse
I’ve made it this far and my legs didn’t break
so there’s this way you ask me questions
and you say a lot more than words
breaking me in two and looking at the pieces
take my word
so let’s be honest here, I’ve done enough and made my point
is that enough, is that enough
I’ve made it this far and my lungs didn’t collapse
I’ve made it this far and my legs didn’t break