from by Nevermind Me



you feel the cracks between your ribs begin to widen
collapse on yourself and wait for this to blow over
only this time it won’t
you’re the only soul awake with the birds
this is the kinda thinking you get used to
not in a good way
how it seeps through your veins
running through your skin poisinous and cruel
in an empty forest the last leaves will fall
everything feels lost
like the space between an evergreen
seems like you have to follow an ever changing path
turn around and tell me will this all catch up to me
if I keep fighting will I stay afloat
now we’re all sinking
you and me we’re drowning in this wave of fear
is it just me did I get it wrong
don’t worry I’ve done this all
but this, this is new again
we go in circles till we scream
through your veins, run into your skin
breathe, the long and cold will finally go


from Differently, released May 24, 2017



all rights reserved


Nevermind Me London, UK

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